A Beautiful Smile and Your Cosmetic Dentist

Everyone knows Mona Lisa's smile, but who knows what she meant by it?

Why do we smile?

Psychologists tell us that, in our ancient past, a smile was a gesture of appeasement. They also believe that, to modern man, a smile signals many different messages - recognition, sympathy, apology, lessening of tension, confusion, embarrassment, doubt, joy, delight. A smile, social observers agree, is a mask behind which we can hide our true feelings.

This mask is a complex gesture. First the corners of the lips curl upward. Then, as the smile grows, front teeth are exposed. In our culture we consider people with glistening white teeth and a beautiful smile to be "good" people. Bad teeth, on the other hand, tend to distort the smile "message" because, curiously, we subconsciously judge others by their teeth.

The Eyes Don't Have It - The Teeth Do!

Some people believe that teeth are a more important element of beauty than the eyes.

Have you noticed that, in the movies and on TV, the "good guys" never have broken teeth or a missing tooth? The "bad guys" almost always do.

What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Have to Do With Facial Beauty? Everything!

Nearly all dentistry affects our appearance, and our appearance affects our sense of personal worth. Among the many things that a cosmetic dentist can do to give you a beautiful smile are:

  • Teeth bleaching to remove stains caused by plaque, coffee, cigarettes
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Covering worn teeth (ground down by age or deformity or chipping) through application of dental crowns, dental bridges, or other cosmetic dental techniques
  • Teeth Straightening (orthodontics) for adults as well as children, to improve appearance and to provide better chewing surfaces
  • Shortening a long face, realigning a protruding jaw, correcting a cleft lip through dental surgery

So … cosmetic dentists are scientists, clinicians, artists and image-makers!

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