The Art of the Dental Crown

Cosmetic dentists aren't all white coats and Novocaine. There is both art and science in a dentist's day. Case in point: what appears to be more or less routine restoration of missing or broken teeth - a dental crown or a dental bridge - is akin to principles of architecture.

Think of the arch of your mouth like the roof of a house. Each element of the structure relies on another. If a rafter breaks, the entire building will, sooner or later, buckle. So it is with your teeth.

The mouth is balanced; teeth function together. One missing tooth can cause permanent changes in your bite. Neighboring teeth drift into the empty space. The opposing tooth will actually grow longer and longer, further frustrating normal chewing. You'll tend to favor one side of your mouth over another. This old house is eventually doomed.

Dentists, then, are believers in tooth restoration and dental crowns. With all the new materials cosmetic dentistry offers today, virtually any mouth can be restored to good working order. A tooth that might have been lost five years ago now has many options for renewed vitality.

And the cosmetic results that can be achieved are, well, awesome. When it comes to new dental technologies, take advantage. Your cosmetic dentist will be there when you're ready to go for it.

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