Cosmetic Dentistry - What We Can Do That's New

It used to be that only movie stars had those dazzling brighter-than-bright teeth. But in recent years many new cosmetic dental techniques have sprung up.

Nowadays, there's no reason you can't have a pretty smile that's the equivalent of Marilyn's (or Tom Cruise's). Here are just a few of the ways a cosmetic dentist can improve the looks and appeal of normal teeth:

Teeth Whitening - Just over the past two to three years new and safe professional teeth whitening systems have been developed. The teeth are covered with gauze and the tooth bleaching (carbamide peroxide) solution carefully applied. After three or four half-hour sessions, you can really see the difference. There are also home tooth whitening products with step-by-step procedures that enhance tooth color over several weeks.

Dental Bonding - Tooth bonding is a simple, single-visit cosmetic dentistry procedure that closes unsightly gapped teeth. We polish and prepare the teeth with a fine etching, then cover them with a composite overlay. There's usually no anesthetic needed, little or no drilling, and the teeth are protected as well as being cosmetically enhanced.

Dental Veneers - Today we have exciting new biomaterials to straighten crooked teeth, as well as brighten and close gaps. We call them porcelain laminate veneers. They're microscopically thin ceramic shells that cover problem teeth - and leave you with something to smile about!

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